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More About Peter

Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask. Minus the juicy stuff.

I spend most of my time starting new ventures, helping other people start new ventures, and moonlighting as a professional photographer. It’s a weird mix of left and right brain pursuits, but I love making it work.

Quick facts

  • I developed one of the first websites and on-line publications back in 1993.
  • I’ve founded or helped to start a number of technology companies.
  • I fought the internet ad “agency wars” in the mid 1990’s at the dawn of the commercial Internet.
  • I fought the “search wars” in the early 2000’s just as Google started to really shine.
  • I’ve worked extensively in the online advertising and marketing space. Please accept my apology in advance as I am probably responsible for more than a few of the ad banners you’ve had to put up with over the years..
  • I love analyzing how people use websites and helped create measurement standards and some popular open source web analytics software tools.
  • I produced a documentary about the musician Jeff Buckley.
  • I’ve written a book about how photographers can share their images online using WordPress as well as some handy plugins.
  • I carry a camera with me wherever I go.


I really enjoy coaching startups and other entrepreneurs. If you think I can be helpful, please get in touch.


I make photographs for my own projects as well as for some magazines and news outlets. Head over to my photography website for more details.