Companies I am (or have been) Involved With



Acquired by Apptio

Cloudability is pioneering what I like to call “Cloud Cost Management”. As companies move their computing infrastructure to the cloud they need real time decision support around cloud costs and usage. Cloudability delivers in-depth analytics to companies large and small via a SaaS model. I was a very early advisor to the company and then its first COO and Chief Revenue Officer.


A reboot of this infamous domain name as a business social network and B2B business directory. Think LinkedIn meets Facebook. I was a board member and EVP of Product Development from May 2009 to November 2011.


Acquired by

Matchpoint was Yellow Pages 2.0. Instead of a simple business directory, we set out to create an environment where small businesses competed for your job/project. On the advertiser side, we were seeking the holy grail: scalable form-based lead generation across thousands of yellow pages categories/verticals. At the core, we built a dynamic lead auction where advertisers bid on lead quality instead of blind clicks or phone calls. I founded the business in April 2007 and ran it until we sold to in May of 2009.


Acquired by Epic Advertising

Connexus was formed through a merger of two Internet marketing companies (Netblue and Vendare) which in their prime were leaders in affiliate/promotional online marketing. I was hired to turn around the technology and product teams at Netblue. This ultimately including 50+ people across multiple offices building everything from a display ad network, an affiliate network, a domain registration business, and lots of promotional websites. It was a wild ride both up and down from May 2005 until we spun off in April 2007.


This was my “Web 2.0” startup. The idea was to create a music recommendation service by data-mining peer-to-peer networks for information about what artists/songs were found in people’s music collections.  We turned this into a “if you like artist A then you will also like  X, Y and Z”. These were the days before iTunes turned the music industry on its head. Like countless other music related startups, we had difficulty monetizing the site without resorting to violating copyrights.

looksmart_logo / NASDAQ: LOOK

I became CTO of Looksmart after they acquired Primary Knowledge in the fall of 2001. Looksmart needed a business intelligence platform to jump-start their paid search listings product, which ultimately took over the entire business. Along the way, we had over 150 people building search advertising products and acquired a number of web search technologies including, the Wisenut search engine, the Grub distributed crawler, and the Furl social bookmarking community. I left in late 2004.


Acquired by SPSS and LookSmart

Primary Knowledge was the precursor to web analytics services like Adobe Omniture and Google Analytics. I founded the company in 1999 and operated from the basement of a friend’s brownstone in New York City, raising over 20 million dollars in venture capital and debt. Unlike SaaS businesses of today, we required lot of capital to buy the computers and storage needed to process millions of records per day for our customers. I ran the company through the “dot com bubble” and to its eventual sale to SPSS and LookSmart in 2001.


Merged with Modem Media and IPO’d / NASDAQ: MMPT

This ad agency, literally, built the first website for Netscape and Bill Clinton’s I joined in 1995 and as CTO built out the east coast creative and technology teams. Ad Week named us “Agency of the Year” in 1996 and we grew the agency globally to over 150 people serving a marquee of Fortune 500 across four countries. After missing the IPO window a few times, we opted to merge with sister agency Modem Media and take the combined company public in 1999. A footnote to this story: we spun-off a an ad network business called DoubleClick…